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Childrens Theatre
Our theatre classes is designed to mold the next generation of theatre professionals in a guided, dynamic, studio-style program that is tailored to the needs of each individual student. Under the expert guidance of a skilled and friendly team of tutors, our younger students will learn, through various theatre games, exercises and simple set tasks and improvisations, to cooperate in large and small groups, as well as how to concentrate themselves. They will also begin to learn the rudiments of stage craft.

Most of us are used to observing the world on TV, the intimate joys of experiencing entertainment outside the box is a real treat. In addition, there are a host of other benefits and lessons that children take away from getting involved with the performance arts from a young age.

Exposing children to drama and theatre, they are likely to develop an appreciation for the arts. But there are emotional and psychological benefits too. Growing up has its challenges and a love of the arts (in any of its forms) can be a comforting release or offer a momentary escape.

Children instinctively use drama auto-therapeutically, with no outside direction or superimposed structure. Dramatic play is a child’s way of symbolically expressing and resolving internal conflict, releasing pent-up feelings, exploring hopes, fears and wishes, and discovering new life roles and stances, which is central to any child’s development.

Theatre and drama enable children to recognise how to express themselves physically and emotionally in a healthy manner, help them understand under-developed parts of themselves, and assist them in putting things into perspective – all of which can go a long way to empowering them.